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Country of Origin U.S.A.
Country of Origin U.S.A.

ARS Multi-Loop Rescue Strap - Carabiner

$ 85.00

The ARS Multi-Loop Rescue Strap (MLS) is an innovative product for rapidly harnessing victims in high-stress environments. The simple design has been developed with great attention to detail, every feature fine-tuned to meet the needs of rescuers working in low visibility, low dexterity, and high stress.

The ARS MLS is designed with a series of sewn loops in 1” tubular webbing which can be used in several configurations. Uses include quick handcuff application, as a drag strap for victim rescue, and as a utility drag strap with the FAST Rescue board. When paired with the Rapid Deployment Bag the user can securely store their MLS and fully deploy the strap in one pull.

This version is sold with the Rock Exotica Pirate WireEye Screw Gate Carabiner. This unique connector is a strong (26KN) and lightweight (2.9OZ) aluminum carabiner that also features a one-of-a-kind spring loaded lanyard connector. This provides the benefits of lanyard pin by keeping the carabiner in the ideal orientation for the load, but the flexibility to easily remove the carabiner for another application. The carabiner MLRS option is ideal for rescuers who want the immediate rigging/attachment option of an in-place carabiner.


  • Rock Exotica Pirate WireEye Screw Gate Carabiner
  • Defined loop handles on both ends
  • Sewn loop design for multiple drag applications
  • Rated lifting capacity
  • Available in Yellow, Black, Red, and OD Green
  • Constructed to industry standards