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Country of Origin U.S.A.
Country of Origin U.S.A.

Training Courses

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Basic FAST Board Operations (BFBO) - 4 Hours:  This is the cornerstone presentation for the FAST Rescue Board. In this presentation the student will learn the history and why the FAST Board was invented. The ‘Five or Die’ culture and our Saving Your Own FAST mindset is discussed so you know your investment is in your agency's best interest. The specifications and nomenclature are reviewed prior to the hands-on training. The remaining portion of the class is a thorough review of how to perform single and multiple person loadouts on the board. Then the board package movements are demonstrated showing how to move the board and victim. Students are then instructed how to rescue the board package up and down stairs. Students then are instructed how to load and move the board package in a smoked out and zero visibility. FAST instructors use visibility impairment devices made by BA Shields to simulate a smoky and zero visibility while using your own SCBA facepieces. Finally, students are instructed the how and why of Firefighter Down CPR integrated into the FAST Board. We strongly stand by the requirement that prior to requesting any training beyond our Basic Operations the students must either possess this certification or proof of meeting our satisfaction. Each student will receive a certificate of completion. Instructor to student ratio 10 :1.

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Saving Your Own…FAST - “Five Or Die” RIT Device Rescue - 8 Hours:  INTERMEDIATE - Saving Your Own FAST – 8 Hour
This presentation is the next level in FAST Board Rescue. This presentation starts out with new techniques in conventional firefighter rescue techniques. Students will learn a new approach to the ‘Drag and Carry’ of a down firefighter. This sets the transition of rescue by a partner to the interception point where a Hasty Rescue Device (HRD) like a FAST Board comes into play. As with all FAST-training deliveries a brief review of the board and loading procedures will be conducted. Students will first learn how to move and rescue the board package up and down portable ladders. Students will learn how to lower the board package from an upper story window or roofline using only the components of the FAST Board and their everyday carry (EDC) in the turnout gear. Students then transition to learning how to solve some of the most problematic fire rescue scenarios firefighter have encountered. Students will learn a FAST Rescue technique in memory of Columbus Ohio FF John Nance who made the ultimate sacrifice when falling through a floor, also known as the Nance Drill. Next students will learn another FAST Rescue technique in memory of Denver Colorado FF Mark Langvardt who made the ultimate sacrifice in an upper story confined storage area, also known as the Denver Drill. Students will also learn techniques on how to quickly rescue a firefighter who has collapsed on a pitched roof using the FAST Board. Finally, students will participate in the FAST Hustle. This is a fast paced all hands-on deck rescue process which develops leadership skills and confidence in everything learned throughout the day's presentation. Each student will receive a certificate of completion. Instructor to student ratio to be determined. Students must have completed BFBO prior to participating.

Click here for course overview.  (requires Basic Course has been completed)