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County of Origin U.S.A.
Country of Origin U.S.A.

Meet Our Team

Our team of Subject Matter Experts bring over a century of combined experience in firefighting, RIT, technical rescue, law enforcement (including SWAT, Mobile Field Force, and Bike Patrol).


Eric Allen (SME): Eric is the creator of the FAST Board and Co-founder of FAST Rescue Solutions, LLC. Eric began his career in firefighting in the United States Navy. In 1996, after an honorable discharge, he joined the Philadelphia Fire Department. In 2004 Eric joined ...Philadelphia’s Special Operations and was assigned to Squad 47. . Other accomplishments include being a member of PATF 1 as a Rescue Specialist, Technical Search Specialist and Technical Search Manager Specialist. He has also spent many years as a USDoD Contractor (Ret.)


Michael Horst (SME): Mike is a retired Senior Battalion Chief with over 34 years of experience at the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire, an urban capital city in the Commonwealth ...of Pennsylvania. Promoted through the ranks as firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain, and on to Senior Battalion Chief, Mike retired as both the Acting Deputy Chief of Operations and Acting Chief of the Department. Mike has served for many years as a member of one of our regions’ most progressive volunteer fire departments as a firefighter through Assistant Chief and has been involved in the training of emergency responders for most of his 45 years in the fire service. Mike is a current member of the FEMA USAR PA-TF1 Urban Search and Rescue Team, serving as a Task Force Safety Officer. Mike has been involved with FAST Rescue since the inception of the FAST Board and is currently FAST Rescue Solutions’ Senior Director of Business Growth & Development as well as a lead training instructor. He also currently operates a multiple discipline training company, Trident Training Specialists, LLC, and Team Gold Front Training, providing fire-centric specialty classes. Strategy & Tactics, Leadership, and Officer Development are his strengths. He is also currently an instructor for the Harrisburg Area Community College Fire Service Unit specializing in Front Seat Rider Development, Strategy and Tactics, and Fire Officer Development.


Chris Simpson (SME): Chris Simpson joined the FAST Tribe in the Spring of 2017 and has traveled around the country providing demonstrations and training for multiple disciplines including fire, medical, industrial... safety, and technical rescue. Chris joined the FAST Tribe knowing that the FAST Board was designed by a firefighter for firefighters. Chris volunteered for 10 years before becoming a career firefighter with the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire. Chris later joined the Philadelphia Fire Department where he worked on an engine in West Philadelphia and at Ladder 19/HAZMAT in South Philadelphia, before his current assignment with Ladder 6 in West Philadelphia. In April 2018 Chris removed and saved an unconscious victim from an apartment fire using the Multi-Loop Rescue Strap. Chris graduated with a B.S. from The Pennsylvania State University prior to seeking firefighting as a career, and he is currently working towards his Master of Science in Emergency Management at Millersville University. Chris is trained in firefighting, medical, HAZMAT, vehicle, confined space, rope, water, ice, trench, and structural collapse rescue.


Steve Jason (SME): Steve joined the FAST Tribe in 2016 as their representative for Northern New Jersey. Since then Steve has expanded his area to include the upper 2/3 of NJ. …. Steve first met creator, Eric Allen, through a mutual friend on the fire service. At first glance, Steve knew the FAST board was a true game-changer in our industry. Steve began showing the FAST Board around North Jersey even before becoming a rep, knowing that departments needed to have this tool available to them. Steve is a career Captain in the Millburn Fire Department and has 24 years in the fire service with both volunteer and career time. He is a level 2 ProBoard instructor with strong experience in many areas of the job including Engine, Truck, and Rescue company skills. Steve is a member of the NJ Metro Strike UASR team. He has taught at FDIC and NAHRS as well as locally at academies.


Eladio Martinez (SME): Eladio has been with the FAST Tribe since 2016 and is currently a training instructor. Eladio joined the Philadelphia Fire Department in 2007.... In 2016 he joined Philadelphia’s Special Operations and was assigned to Squad 47. Eladio is a Rescue Specialist, Hazmat Specialist, Logistics Specialist for FEMA PA-TF1. He is also certified in Swift Water Rescue, High Angle/Rope Rescue, Structural Collapse, and Confined Space Rescue.


Matt Pieper (SME): Matt has been a member of the Hustisford Volunteer Fire Dept for 19 years, serving as the Chief for the past 9 as well as a Firefighter/Paramedic for the Watertown ...Fire Department since 2004. Matt joined the FAST Tribe because he knew the FAST Board makes a difference in how we rescue downed firefighters. He also loves the passion and drive of the FAST Tribe and feels it matches his own. Matt is determined to do all that he can to get a FAST Board in every department in his area, in order to ensure true firefighter safety!


Tommy Shaw (SME): Tommy began his career in the fire service 2001 in upstate NY. In 2009 he landed his first career fire job in Fayetteville, NY and later landed a position in ...Norfolk, VA. In 2016 he moved back north and was hired on with the City of Philadelphia where he continues to provide service on an engine company in North Philadelphia. He joined FAST Rescue Solutions in order to further his own skills while also being able to provide training and innovative products to firefighters everywhere.


Bob Toomey (SME): Bob has been with Fast Rescue Solutions since the beginning. A Philadelphia native, Bob joined the fire service in 2006 and has been working with FAST ...Board creator, Eric Allen, at Squad 47 in Philadelphia since January 2013. He realized that Eric was on to something big and knew he had to help him reach his goal. Bob is certified in structural collapse, confined space, rope rescue, trench collapse, vehicle extrication, rapid water rescue, and Hazmat. He has also been a member of PATF1 Pennsylvania’s U.S.A.R. Team since 2014. Bob is one of FRS' lead instructors and teaches the FAST Board with an obvious passion. He has trained companies in many parts of the U.S. and abroad as far as Taiwan. He sincerely enjoys educating people about the FAST Board. Extrication of downed fireman has been a thorn in the side of the fire service for many years and now Bob is positive that the FAST Board is the easiest and fastest way to get the job done and save one of our own!


Colin Ryan(SME): Colin began his law enforcement career in 1994, working for both suburban and large city police departments. Since then, he’s had the privilege... to be a member of specialized units such as Crime Prevention Unit, Investigations, SWAT, Mobile Field Force, CISM, Plain Clothes, and Bike Patrol. Additionally, Colin has been an instructor for law enforcement and the military in Defensive Tactics, Handcuffing. Baton, Taser, Edged Weapons, and Mobile Field Force. He joined the FAST Tribe in 2018 to continue serving the First Responder community. He saw what an incredible force multiplier the FAST Board is, and respected that the Board was designed and manufactured by end-users to save end-users and accomplishes that mission with astonishing ease and speed. Immediately Colin saw the potential for its application to law enforcement and military work. Joining with FRS’ Research and Development team Colin brought about adaptations such as the addition of a ballistic panel and a handle configuration for deploying the Board as an entry shield, all supported by curriculum and training he was instrumental in developing.


Billy Brideson (SME): Billy got his start in the fire service as a volunteer at 16yrs old in his small hometown of Trenton, Florida. After serving in the Marine Corps, he got back into the fire service in rural Gilchrist County where ...he achieved the rank of Captain. While with GCFR he began instructing local volunteers and was an integral part in building the Fire Standards Program at Florida Gateway College. Billy has been with Gainesville Fire Rescue since 2014 and is a firefighter, EMT, HAZMAT Tech, and FLUSAR Specialist and has been on the Region 3 Hazmat team for many years. Billy is passionate about firefighting, vehicle extrication, and live-fire training and works to pass that knowledge and passion for the job to his students and other firefighters. With 1000’s of live fire training burns behind him he is a State of Florida LFTI 2, Florida Gateway College’s Master Burner/Lead Instructor and has spent countless hours studying fire behavior and vehicle anatomy.


Jeremy Mathis (SME): Jeremy joined the FAST Tribe in 2019. He began in his career in fire service as a volunteer with Newton County Fire Service in 2000. He was hired on to Covington Fire ...Department in the Metro Atlanta area in 2004, where he is currently a Captain. Jeremy holds many NPQ certifications including Haz-mat Tech, Confined Space Tech, Trench Rescue Tech, and is a Level 2 instructor in both Fire and EMS. Jeremy also earned an associate degree in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University. He was first introduced to the FAST Board at a conference that his department had hosted and immediately felt that this device was going to save lives. He joined FAST Rescue Solutions in order to share with other departments in his area this game-changing device.


Gerald Chreiman (SME:) Jerry joined the FAST Tribe in 2019. He started his law enforcement career in January of 2000. During this time he has served as a patrol officer, Field Training Officer...


Peter Cotter (SME:) Peter joined the FAST Tribe in 2020. He is a 2nd generation Firefighter and EMT. Peter got his start at age 15 on the youth squad as an EMT. He continued his career with the Fire service in 2007, went complete his NJ FF3, and is currently part of Bushkill Vol. Fire Co. Firefighter safety and survival has always been a passion for Peter. When he saw the FAST Board on social media, and again at a neighboring department, he got Steve Jason to do a demo for his department. They bought one on the spot and Peter knew he had to be a part of this amazing product and team.


Chuck Boehmer (SME:) Chuck Boehmer joined the FAST Tribe in early 2020. He began his firefighting career in 2010 with the Seattle Fire Department and became a member of Seattle's Rescue Company 1 in 2013. Chuck is a technician in Structural..., Collapse Training (SCT) for the fire agencies around the greater Seattle area. Rescue 1 was able to purchase a FAST Board in 2016 and has helped the company become more proficient and informed with its multitude of uses. He has been a Rescue Specialist on Washington Task Force 1 since 2015 and deployed with them as part of two FEMA responses. Chuck attended the US Naval Academy and served in the Navy from 2000 until 2009.


Nick Di Vesta (SME): Nick joined the FAST Tribe in early 2021. He is a 2nd generation firefighter from his hometown of Phoenixville, PA. After moving to Delaware in 2009, he worked at Christiana Fire Co and .... Mill Creek Fire Co, as well volunteered at Minquas Fire Co where he held the ranks of Rescue Captain, Engine Captain and Assistant Chief for several terms before getting hired with the City of Wilmington Fire Department in 2013. Nick has recently rejoined the volunteer fire service as a member with the Cranston Heights FC. While gaining experience in his career and Pro Board Certs in Rope Rescue Tech I/II, Confined Space Rescue Tech I/II, Swift Water Rescue Tech, and USAR Rescue Tech, Nick joined the New Castle County HACSR Team / SWRT Team / Collapse Rescue Team, and DE-TF1. After a tragic fire in Sept 2016 that ultimately took the lives of 3 WFD members, FAST Rescue Solutions visited WFD to provide training and donation of a board for the dept. After being actively involved with the rescue operations that Sept night and having hands on training with the board, Nick knew this board was a major game changer for the fire service, and one every fire dept needed on their apparatus. While also being an instructor with Capitol Fire Training LLC where he has helped re-design The Dynamic RIT Co program and instruct multiple other programs provided by CFT, teaching firefighters to help further their training is a passion he holds near and dear. In 2019 FAST Rescue Solutions and Capitol Fire Training joined together for a podcast, and after that day ... the rest is history



Devin Craig (SME:) Devin Craig is a 20 plus year veteran of the fire service. He has been with the Montgomery Fire Department in Houston, Texas since 2003, and has been ..., an officer since 2007. Devin spent 7 years as a lead fire instructor at the largest fire academy in the nation and is now co-owner of Train or Die Fire Service Training. Devin is also a proud member of the Georgia Smoke Diver Association. .



Greg Ceisner (SME:) Greg Ceisner is a Truck Company Lieutenant with the Raleigh, North Carolina Fire Department. He previously served in Western New York and South Carolina. He has been involved ..., in both the volunteer and career Fire/EMS services since 1 994. Greg has a Degree in Emergency/Disaster Management from Western Carolina University. During his time in Raleigh, he has been assigned to the USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) & Hazmat Special Operations Teams, Training Division, and is currently a member of the RIT Cadre for their recruit training academies, and adjunct Fire/ EMS instructor for the local community college system. Ceisner is a Level 2 Fire Instructor, Level 2 EMS Instructor, and instructor for the NC Peer Support Team. Greg is passionate about Firefighter Safety/Survival, RIT, and Mayday operations, and considers himself a lifelong student of his craft. .




Adam Mills (SME:) Adam Mills was born in Portsmouth, England, and moved to Los Angeles at 7 years old. Adam’s interest in firefighting at an early age led him to join the Fire Explorer programs with LAFD and ..., LaCoFD. He also worked with the California State Department of Forestry and served as an EMT and Paramedic in Inglewood and South-Central LA. Adam is a passionate believer in continuing his education, both as a student and as an instructor. As a firefighter paramedic in coastal Hampton, NH Adam is required to be proficient in all aspects of the job – from engine and truck operations, paramedic rescue, to marine and ocean rescues. Adam is proud to consider himself a “Jack of All Trades,” rising to every occasion to both demonstrate his skills and to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with his students. .



Chris Kessinger (SME:) Chris has been a student of the craft for 17 years, currently holding the role of Lieutenant with the City of Lebanon Division of Fire. He serves as the lead instructor and owner of Citizens First Fire Training in addition to the role of training officer/instructor for ...many schools, training facilities, and departments. Chris has a deep passion for his job and for making sure that the blue-collar traditions of our foundation stay alive and well. As an active member of the Central Ohio FOOLS chapter, Chris continually spreads those traditions and keeps the service headed in the right direction. His passion, the one thing in the job that drives his soul, will always be with truck company operations. “Be aggressive in the search, aggressive in throwing ladders, aggressive in ventilation, but most of all be aggressive in LOVING the job!” These are the core values that Chris lives by. Chris loves the job and shares his passion everywhere he goes. He believes that our citizens are our absolute number one priority, and anything other than that is simply unacceptable.



Sean Duffy (SME:) Sean is a 17-year student of the craft and holds many professional and technical certifications. He has an A.A.S Degree in Fire Science and has been an instructor both ...locally and nationally. Sean has published work in both Fire Engineering and FireHouse Magazines and is also a co-founder of Build Your Culture. As an active F.O.O.L.S. member he enjoys passing on knowledge gained from real-world experiences in an effort to leave the fire service better than he found it. Sean strongly believes in realistic fire training and preparation in order to have the most successful outcomes possible, both on and off the fireground.



Ryan McCormick (SME:) Ryan began his career in the fire service as a volunteer in his hometown of Lancaster, PA and after a move to Arkansas became a SWAT Medic. Ryan’s 18 years of service have seen him in positions with Truck15 ... of the City of Little Rock, the Arkansas USAR Team, as well as spending 6 years as a Volunteer Chief. As new opportunities presented themselves, Ryan had the privilege to begin teaching his skills nationwide – which brought him the ability to share his passion with others. Continually finding ways to share that passion in other ways, Ryan developed FIRST-IN, a fire conference in Arkansas. FIRST-IN brings together a diverse array of instructors to share their experiences, knowledge, and leadership skills to motivate and build a strong culture. It was at one of the FIRST-IN conferences that Ryan met Eric and his team. In his own words: “The first time I put my hands on the FAST Board, I realized this was a game changer. I look forward to sharing my experiences and learning together about how this Board can make a difference.”