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"As a fire chief, it is hard to get your budget from you local municipality in order, and I am sure you all know what I am talking about. Once I got my temporary budget the FIRST ITEM I purchased was the FAST BOARD. This is the best Firefighter removal product on the market, we have trained with in many times in both Hasbrouck Heights and where I work, The City of Hackensack Fire Dept. Several months ago, the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Dept made a rescue inside of a heavily involved private dwelling with fire on all floors. The removal took SIX of us. If we had the FAST BOARD, we would have used it, saved time, and energy on a serious situation with the building deteriorating rapidly. Point being- This piece of equipment is versatile and can be used on civilians as well (which we also train on) , water rescue, the options are endless. I truly thank the staff from FAST RESCUE SOLUTIONS for this amazing product that doesn't have gimmicks. It is designed by firefighter for firefighters. If anyone ever wants to talk about my experience with this piece of equipment my number is 201-421-7807."

-Chief of Department Hasbrouck Heights- Mike Greco Firefighter- City of Hackensack Ladder 1


"I have over 30 years firefighting experience and one of my greatest fears was getting a brother out of a mayday in a timely manner. All out training for removing a firefighter took time and manpower to remove them. When I was first introduced to Eric and his board I know this could be a game changer. We have done demos with many departments and as soon as they see how easy it is to move a firefighter they are sold on this board. Every department should have at least one!!"

-John D. - Coastal Fire Services


"Had a demo last night on the FAST Rescue Board System for FF and Civilian rescue. Hands down the best system I have seen in 45 years in the fire service. Simple, easy, and cost effective. A lot of thought went into this to make it wok and simple to use in a fire ground environment. This is not a gimmick system it works."

-President Kevin W. - Clayton Fire Department


“Fast Rescue Solutions has developed a very simple yet complex product that is both quick and user friendly. We’ve found that the board minimizes the thinking process at our worst possible moments. By incorporating all the components needed within the board itself, along with its size, shape, and weight we can initiate the rescue of a downed firefighter at a moment’s notice, with minimal man power, from countless situations. In the fire service there are always products claiming to be game changers, which may be so but with FAST Rescue Solutions’ FAST Board, I believe the game has indeed changed.”

-Chief Joseph R. - Fire Ashville Volunteer Fire Company #1


"Easy to use and train on and limitless possibilities on use.  This is carried as part of our rescue truck cache not only for FF rescue but also standard equipment for civilian search and rescue"

-Chief Justin P. - Chesterfield Fire Department


“We were in the market of purchasing a drag device for our RIC and we saw a few different options. Captain Steve Jason came to show some of our members the FAST Board. Within seconds we all looked at each other and said - 'this piece of equipment is definitely our choice.'  This product is designed well and is very easy to use.  I'm impressed on how many RIC and other rescues situations it can utilized in.”

-Lieutenant Brian T. – Madison, NJ Fire Department


“In a profession where new tools are being developed there is always a rare one that is truly a game changer. When I first saw the FAST Board and heard who developed it I felt that this had potential. Then I had a hands-on with the FAST Board and was convinced that this was a true game changer in the world of RIT/RIC/FAST rescue operations. I am very fortunate to be part of a fire department that also believes this and after acquiring a FAST Board for our department I truly believe this steps up our RIT operations. The speed at which this is deployed is unmatched to anything else. The versatility of the board from water rescue to high angle lift operations I personally feel that this board should be a required piece of equipment for all departments. “

- LT Paul B. - Roseland Fire Department


“At first, we were skeptical about the FAST Board. Like any new invention in the fire service and any change, it takes a lot to make something happen. Chris and Tommy from FAST Rescue Solutions came to us, went over every inch of the board, then got dressed and trained with us, physically showing us how to use it. From that point on we were sold on the FAST Board. Everything we do in this job is dangerous, so proving to us how much it could help us save one of our own was huge. It was a no-brainer, this was going to help us be better for that 'god forbid' moment we would ever need it. We bought one that night.

Not only were Chris and Tommy great at showing us the board and how to use it, they stayed connected with us and offered so much more than just a one-time sale. Since then, we have bought 5 boards total, had department wide hands on training with the boards by FAST Rescue Solutions, and gotten our mutual aid companies involved in the training with the board. IT TRULY WORKS! The versatility of the board and what its capable of doing is amazing yet still simple to use. It has become a common tool on our truck, heavy rescue, and each front-line engine. It gets used every time we drill on RIT, and is an essential tool as part of our RIT equipment. It's required whether we set up RIT or a mutual aid department sets up RIT for us, it’s that important to us. 

Any doubt on this product, get hands-on and put it through the paces. You won’t be disappointed. “

-  Chief John L. - Liverpool Fire Department, NY


“The board is a wonderful addition to our RIT tool compliment. The size and maneuverability of a lighter, smaller, and faster board makes victim removal that much easier, whether it's used for dragging or lifting.

-Past Chief, Brian C.


 “The FAST BOARD is an effective tool that can facilitate action in a confined space such as in a cellar, narrow corridors with the presence of bends, climbing stairs, and vertical escapes without the need to change the support for evacuation. This represents a saving of time in a rescue operation. A single connection point allows to moor the victim on the tray. This is an important element to note because it shows the simplicity and speed of conditioning a victim on the FAST Board.  Conclusion: Its strong point lies in its speed and simplicity of implementation in the dark.”

- Fabien V., RIT instructor COURANT company Distributor in Europe


“I had the chance to put the Fast Board to its test during a confined space firefighter rescue training. The confined space maze had me skeptical of the Fast Board’s ability to perform in such a narrow, limited visibility condition with multiple 90 degree turns to navigate. After using the Fast Board and seeing first-hand the ease of completing the rescue, I am convinced attempting that rescue by traditional dragging and pushing would have doubled the recovery time. The speed and maneuverability of the Fast board is awesome. I absolutely recommend all departments carry a Fast Board on your Rigs. It’s not just for RIT teams!”

 - Firefighter, Chuck G – Forks Township Fire Dept.