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Made in the U.S.A.
Made in the U.S.A.

Gladiator II - Ballistic FAST Shield

$ 4,250.00

Combines all of the features and benefits of the FAST Shield with Level AR/AK Ballistic protection.

  • 7 handles plus optional handle configurations.
  • 1 Multi-Loop Strap
  • 2 Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) 
  • Bleed Control Kit
  • Velcro surface for adding mission-critical accessories.
  • Entry shield.
  • Impact weapon
  • Breaching device
  • Restraint device
  • Rescue board
  • The Fast Shield is an innovative, multi-disciplinary tool designed as a force multiplier in any scenario. The FAST Board was initially developed as a rescue device for firefighters, cutting rescue times significantly.
  • FAST supports the growing trend for law enforcement, fire and EMS to work together, not as individual components during as event but rather together. Fire and EMS personnel increasingly find themselves in situations that expose them to the same threats as law enforcement.
  • To address those threats, FAST Rescue Solutions launched a Tactical Division and developed the FAST Board into the FAST Shield. The Shield possesses all the rescue device attributes of the Board with the addition of a ballistic panel as well as handle and accessory configurations to meet mission-specific needs of law enforcement.
  • All FAST Rescue Solutions products are supported with training from a professional cadre of instructors. FAST instructors have real-world experience as firefighters, police, and trainers of military personnel

12" x 31" custom fit to FAST Board or FAST Shield.  


Tested Against:

AR – (5.56 – 55 GR FMJ), (.223 – 55 GR FMJ)

AK – (7.62 x 39 – 124 GR FMJ)

Extremely stab-resistant