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Multi-Loop Rescue Strap - Rigging Ring

$ 54.00

ARS Multi-Loop Drag Strap (MLS)- This is an innovative new drag rescue strap designed for use in victim drags and carries. The MLS is a system designed with a series of sewn loops in 1” tubular webbing which can be used in several configurations. Uses include quick handcuff application, as a drag strap for victim rescue, and as a utility drag strap with the FAST Rescue board. When paired with the MLS- Rapid Deployment Bag the user can securely store their MLS and fully deploy the strap in one pull.  




-Defined loop Handles on both ends


-Sewn loop design for multiple drag applications


-Rated lifting capacity


-Available in multiple colors (list colors)


Available with carabiner attachment or rigging ring attachment


-Constructed to industry standards